About us

Ana Aldea
Founder & Agency Leader at datasocial

Enrique Jimenez
CEO of Digital Group

Mayte González-Gil
General Manager of InfluenceSuite

Pedro García
General Manager of Mínima

Carmen Suarez
Managing Partner of NCA.

José Miguel Bernal
CEO of Strategik B&M Consulting

Data Social

We are a specialist Inbound MKT & Hubspot agency that helps you grow your business. We are one of two Hubspot Diamond partners in Spain.

We help large start-ups and organisations with their digital strategy and with the development of their Inbound projects. Some of them include: Greenpeace, Santillana, Iberdrola, Laboratorios Ferrer, Privalia, Freepik, etc.

We work on growth strategies, guided by data, and worked from the core.


Services we offer/What we specialise in:

We design your inbound strategy

  • Definition of your digital strategy at the service of your business growth: Audit of your digital ecosystem / Buyer persona / Customer Journey / Content Plan / Digital Roadmap

We configure your digital ecosystem

  • Fine Tunning de tus activos digitales. ¿Tu web está orientada a tus objetivos de conversión?.
  • Development of assets (landings, emails, etc.) for the launch of your strategy.
  • Growth-Driven Web Design and Development.


We accompany you so that you can achieve maximum performance:

  • Campaign Monitoring.
  • Digital Content and Social Media.
  • Digital Content and Social Media.
  • Team Training.


What we bring to Optimus Union:

Inbound Content: Nurture towards growth.

At Optimus Union, we contribute our expertise in Inbound Content. Data/social stems from here. From making projects grow from their core: the content. Because content is the pillar that sustains everything else. We focus first on what to tell, and with the objective in mind, we then build the means to reach our target:


360º Social Media Content Strategies
Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Influencer Management
  • Social Listening


Web Content

  • Blog
  • Web copies
  • Fine Tuning of Content


Premium Content

  • Infographics
  • Dossiers
  • E-books
  • White papers
  • Video Pills

We specialise in achieving results

We are a digital media agency that focuses on direct response. Digital Group originally started in digital media, but its natural growth has led it to cover the full spectrum of online and offline advertising, and it now occupies an important position among independent, full-service advertising and media agencies.


We understand that for every problem there is a solution

We are consultants rather than a media agency, and we work on each of the elements involved in digital marketing campaigns to achieve our clients’ objectives, whatever these may be. This is achieved by optimising the real combination of consulting, media, creativity, research and the integration of traditional digital marketing and inbound marketing strategies.

Pioneers in the Display performance® strategy, in which we combine sales and branding results in one action through the display channel, and our Optimus® Methodology, applied to all digital channels, we are able to generate real alternative channels to Google.

RWe carry out our work with transparency, focusing on training our clients to make them part of the success process to achieve their objectives, while leveraging our broad cross-sector vision in both performance and branding.


Digital media is our speciality:

  • Display
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Paid Social Media
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • E-commerce & Marketplaces
  • Afiliation
  • Video
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web Analytics
  • Digital Business Consultancy
  • Digital Creativity
  • Offline Advertising

Our range of services allows us to develop a 360° marketing strategy aimed at generating results.


We are passionate about challenges

Since our beginnings in 2008, in the midst of the crisis, we have grown to position ourselves among the best independent digital agencies in Spain and Portugal with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Faro. We don’t say so ourselves, the awards we have won do. We have provided uninterrupted service since 2017, and we are endorsed by advertisers, who place us among the top 3 independent digital agencies in Spain offering services to companies in Spain and Southern Europe.

We have been part of the Optimus Union group since 2019, providing together real comprehensive services while maintaining the attention and closeness, and combining results and brand image to become a great marketing department for all our clients.

influence suite

We are driven by a passion for communication

We seek to improve business reputation, brand awareness, and the dissemination of its values by delivering the right messages to the media, influencers, opinion leaders and prescribers. Our philosophy is based on 3 pillars: inform, motivate and persuade in order to INFLUENCE changes in attitude, opinion and behaviour.


We know what to say, how, when and to whom

We are a team of restless journalists and marketing specialists, that are attentive to new trends, agile, flexible, enthusiastic and proactive. Over 30 years’ experience planning and executing communication campaigns for both large international corporations and local start-ups. We have tackled virtually all industries: from the healthcare, tourism, food, automotive, cosmetics, real estate, financial, insurance, energy, or fashion industry, to the consumer goods, industrial or technological sectors within the B2C and B2B segments


We create

  • Moving stories
  • Interesting content
  • Surprising ideas
  • Unforgettable experiences

Our services include the Evaluation, Diagnosis, Design and Execution of Communication Plans, measuring the results at all times in order to correct or emphasise the actions initially planned.


Corporate Communication

  • Strategic Communication Consultancy
  • Change Management
  • Institutional Relations
  • Content Strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Stakeholder Outreach Programmes
  • Senior Management and Executive Visibility Program
  • Reputation Audit
  • Organisation of Events, Seminars and Congresses


Consumer and Marketing

  • Storytelling and Content Strategy
  • Relations with Media and Influencers
  • Brand Experiences
  • Press Trips/li>
  • Design and Event Management
  • Celebrity Endorsement


Internal Communication

  • Environment and Motivation Audits
  • Internal Communication Audits
  • Gestión del cambio
  • Vertical and Horizontal Communication Tools


Crisis Prevention and Management

  • Risk Audit
  • Crisis Team Creation
  • Crisis Simulation Training Seminars
  • Development of Crisis Manuals
  • Crisis Management for Real Contingencies
  • Rebuilding Business Reputation


Spokesperson Training

  • Manager Seminarss
  • Manual and Discourse Elaboration for interviews with the Media

Our offices are located throughout Spain and Portugal, and we work with an international network of independent agencies made up of 1,600 professionals in 170 offices across 50 countries.


We use creativity and design to make sure you stand out and stay in the spotlight

At Mínima, we base all our work on two fundamental pillars: branding and creativity. Why? The corporate and comprehensive brand perspective allows us to develop long- and medium-term discourses that add to the coherence and survival of brands.


Branding isn’t about introducing new images, it’s about building an identity

Our concept of branding ranges from the definition of values and corporate philosophy, to the verbal and visual translation.

At Mínima, we are especially realistic, and that’s why we like to build brands that embody what they represent and display their deepest self across all media, from their website to their email signatures.

It may sound mystical, but it is nothing more than enhancing the benefits of a brand and prioritising them according to the interests of their target.

If you don’t have a name, we will find you one. If your corporate identity is outdated, we will update it. If your product needs to stand out on a shelf, we will make it happen.


The creative agency to do it right and communicate it better

We suggest you introduce yourself to the market and your potential clients in a creative, unique and effective way, while reflecting the tone and nuances of your corporate identity.

Maybe you are not reaching your audience because your messages are not memorable, because the content of your website is not attractive to your target, or because your advertising is lost in a sea of competitors. We will identify the issue and solve it.


If you have a good product or service, you deserve good creativity

Do we organise campaigns? Yes. Do we make commercials? Yes. How do we do it? With relevant messages, prepared to be inserted in related media and with a distinctive formula.

We have joined Optimus Union to incorporate branding and creativity into their comprehensive proposals.

We are the agency that gives its all

The perfect addition to your company, an extension of your marketing department. A proactive advertising agency committed to all its clients, whatever their size, and capable of providing a comprehensive service: consultancy, creativity, execution and media.

With almost 40 years of experience, and with independence and efficiency as our main pillars, we have grown in the market with very diverse clients in terms of industry, character and budget. As a result, we have extensive knowledge of numerous markets, from the automotive industry to office automation, insurance or catering.

We have always tried to be up to date, incorporating the latest trends and new methodologies into our day-to-day activities, so that our clients always have the best possible service.


Restless and independent since 1982 

We intelligently combine expertise, talent, and evolution to give our clients the best of ourselves. Building ideas, shaping them, communicating brands and helping companies achieve great results are our daily objectives.

We have always based our philosophy on a combination of experience and youth. We give our all on a daily basis: professionalism is not incompatible with the attention and personal involvement we bring to each project. Closeness, proactivity and speed are some of the characteristics most appreciated by our clients.


From conceptualisation to execution 

What matters is not what we specialise in, but what the brand is looking for or needs: Marketing strategies? Creativity? Branding? Web design? Media planning? Social media revitalisation? These are some of the services we can offer:

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Comprehensive Creativity
  • Corporate Identity
  • Media Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social media

How far would you go if you exploited your full potential?

We become part of your business, supporting you from minute one and guiding your growth. Our exclusive methodology, Immersive Consultancy, will help lead your business to success, thus guaranteeing its present and future profitability.

We integrate three fundamental disciplines to support you until your project is launched or re-launched:

  • Traditional Consultancy
  • Interim Management
  • Coaching


We have extensive experience supporting large companies, SMEs and start-ups in sectors as diverse as the agro-industry, services, education and retail, among others. This, together with a multidisciplinary, professional, and closely-knit team with extensive experience in different areas, allows us to actively contribute to achieving your business objectives.

We focus on helping you achieve:

  • Organisational Enrichment
  • Profitability Increase
  • Increased Market Competitiveness

Strategik is comprised of 4 business lines that cover the key management aspects of any company: Business Consultancy, Market Research, Business Processes and Corporate.


Business Consultancy

  • Strategic Business Planning.
  • Strategic Business Planning.
  • Product Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Sales Planning, Organisation and Control.


Market Research

  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Methodological Triangulation



  • Company Assessment
  • Due Diligence
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


Business Process

  • Financial Planning
  • Management Control
  • Digital Transformation


We are close to you, supporting you in your most immediate needs

We have a network of offices distributed throughout the Spanish territory: Andalusia, Madrid, Levante and the Canary Islands, a proximity that allows us to tackle any type of project, regardless of its size and location.