Comunicacion Coherent and cohesive internal and external communication

Coherent and cohesive internal and external communication

Corporate communication is the set of actions through which a company, organisation, or institution communicates with society in order to improve its reputation, build and consolidate its brand, and accurately project its own values to create empathy with audiences.

A company that knows how to establish communication channels with the right tone and the right messages generates empathy, trust, and credibility. It strengthens the company against possible crises and differentiates it from its competitors.

Based on our extensive experience of working with all types of companies, from large international corporations to small family-owned companies, we help our clients develop a solid corporate communication plan that is consistent and coherent across both internal and external audiences.

External communication. We design a set of strategic actions aimed at audiences outside the organisation in order to maintain or improve the corporate image and generate trust as well as credibility around business values. Local governments, associations, opinion leaders, communication media, consumers, and the general public must receive consistent messages to achieve a good market position.

Internal communication. Employees are the main asset of a company. Therefore, it is essential to maintain solid and fluid communication with them that, in addition to keeping them informed about the company’s situation and news, fully integrates them into the company’s culture, motivates them, and fosters their pride of belonging. They are the ones who may become the best brand ambassadors or, on the contrary, the biggest detractors.