Crisis Crisis management and business reputation

Crisis management and business reputation: anticipation is key

The reputation of a company is built with care, time, and good work. It is achieved by means of honest communication with the public as well as a solid and coherently maintained trajectory.

However, any company may be hit by a crisis at the most unexpected time, from a defective product to a strike threat, from disgruntled employee statements to criticism in the media. All these setbacks can lead to a loss of prestige and credibility if there is no initiative to communicate. It is one of the main challenges a company may face, as its mere persistence in the future depends on the proper management of such challenge.

Preventing these situations and anticipating them is as important as adequate and effective management in real time when a crisis arises.

Our extensive experience allows us to help clients face any challenge. We work side by side with them to overcome a crisis, providing advice and aligning business and communication objectives to reduce the impact and make the company emerge stronger in the end.